bicycle to moped transition

The project is to turn this crappy old mountain bike…


into a moped, using this kit and me…


by following these instructions.

Step 1 – Mounting Engine to your Bicycle

(I accidentally deleted the photo of this step. You just clamp it on.)

Step 2 – Chain Wheel Sprocket Installation

The Chain Wheel Sprocket has nine holes for bolts to pass through (to clamp onto the backing plate). The bike wheel has an “eight-pointed star” pattern of spokes. So any way you positioned the sprocket, three of the holes had spokes in the way.

photo 3


See the spokes in the holes?

photo 4


I couldn’t fit the standard bolts through the holes, because the spokes were in the way. So I bought skinny bolts for those holes. (standard bolts on left, skinny bolts on right with fender washer)

photo 1


It worked! Hopefully, the skinny bolts will be strong enough.

photo (32)


$#@*! The bolts are installed in the wrong direction. They will hit the wheel forks. So, I switched two, then just cut the rest off with a hack saw. Installed!

photo (33)

Current Status = engine + sprocket. Now to connect them…

photo 1

Step 3 – Fitting the drive chain

I removed the panel to expose the drive sprocket.

photo 2


photo 3

The chain

photo 1

I measured it (I had to remove some links).

photo 2

I installed it and reconnected the master link…

photo 3

It was too loose!

photo 3

So I had to take out another link. Then it was perfect.

photo 4

Step 4 – Mount CDI ignition coil on bike frame (bike is upside-down)

photo (30)


Step 5 – Clutch cable installation and adjustment

When the clutch lever isn’t pulled…



When the clutch lever is pulled (and held by the “catch notch”)…


But when we sent these photos to the folks at, they said to adjust the wire to be tighter.

Step 6 – Throttle and kill switch installation


Step 7 – Throttle line to carburetor

Carburetor on left, brass sleeve with central pin, C-shaped disc for the spring to press against, which presses against the pin’s base. Not the slit in the brass sleeve. The throttle wire drops in there after the button on its tip hooks over and into the base of the brass sleeve. The spring pushes against the metal screw-cap through which the throttle wire runs. (pliers only so they don’t roll around)


Here’s how it looks all assembled.



…and installed.


I also added the gas tank on the cross bar…


…and the exhaust pipe.


So here’s the current status:


I still need to get the cap onto the spark plug terminal and figure out what to do with that white wire (in the exhaust photo)…


This was confusing. I had to call for tech support. They told me to unscrew the tip of the spark plug terminal using needle nose pliers. It took a few tries.


…but I got it off. Then the spark plug cap popped right onto the threads.



This is how the wires should be (white is for a headlight, or tape it off)



I think it’s complete! Now to fill it with 16:1 mix and try to start it!



It works! The chain stretched out a lot, so I added the tensioner pulley. This video shows how to start it. (I forgot to mention that the gas valve needs to be open.) On the road, it goes 30 mph.







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